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Mark & Monica Healy

10NOV2017 Mark & Monica Healy

Mark & Monica Healy- Game Changing Ways to GIVE Thinking Outside of the Box The Healy family’s life changed forever on December 6, 1997. On the cool Saturday morning, their bubbly three-year-old daughter, Monica, fell off a Christmas parade float and was rushed to The Hospital for Sick Children. What began as a fun-filled day […]

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Clarence O'Berry

Clarence O’Berry- POEM: A business platform for all

Clarence O’Berry-  POEM: A business platform for all POEM and BBA initiatives- about how they are inclusive to everyone to participate in and benefit from, something that the federal hasn’t historical given native Americans the opportunity to do (participate in society and capitalism). Buying Back America is a strategic partnership of tribal business entities working […]

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