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Dorriah Rogers

Dorriah Rogers- DECIDE TO PROFIT: 9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line

Dorriah Rogers- DECIDE TO PROFIT: 9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line We are operating in a world defined by rapid-fire change, shifting markets, and a high demand for innovation. Yet, in spite of the world’s battle cry for newness and growth, businesses continue to suffer from net margin erosion, lack of productivity, and a […]

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David Nour

Upcoming Shw Show – Friday, August 25, Noon ET

David Nour- Co-Create: How Your Business Will Profit from Innovative and Strategic Collaboration? What if your customers had a vested interest in guiding your company toward greater success? What if your employees had a personal as well as professional commitment to elevating your organization? Imagine how different your results would be if investors, vendors, and […]

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Alec Ross

Next Show – Fri, On Hold Noon ET

Alec Ross- The Industries of the Future Leading innovation expert Alec Ross explains what’s next for the world: the advances and stumbling blocks that will emerge in the next ten years, and how we can navigate them. While Alec Ross was working as Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State, he traveled to […]

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David Livermore

David Livermore – Driven by Difference

David Livermore- Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever before. But despite new perspectives and talents, the promise of increased innovation rarely materializes. Why are so few businesses seeing results? Studies show that diverse teams are more creative than homogenous ones–but only when they are […]

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New Year, New BLOG Name – Changing the Game

With the new year, comes not only the expected resolutions to work out more, eat healthier foods and to spend less time doing things that don’t matter and more time on the things that truly will leave a legacy, but also a shift in focus for my blog. I’ve been very busy this past year […]

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Tania Luna

Tania Luna- Surprise

Tania Luna- Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Tania Luna. The original live interview was 10/23/15. Do you prefer when: A) Things go according to plan? or B) When the unexpected happens? Most of us […]

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Carrie Morgridge


Carrie Morgridge-EVERY GIFT MATTERS: How Your Passion Can Change The World This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Carrie Morgridge. The original live interview was 7/10/15. In her book, philanthropist Carrie Morgridge argues that high-impact philanthropy is not always high-dollar, and she teaches people […]

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Patti Johnson

Patti Johnson-Make Waves

Patti Johnson-Make Waves: Be the One to Start Change at Work and in Life Anyone can start or contribute to a wave. Patti Johnson researched and interviewed an eclectic mix of Wave Makers, from leaders in business and the community, to entrepreneurs and new professionals, to explore the decisions and actions of individuals who started […]

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Linda Hill

Linda Hill- Collective Genius

Linda Hill- Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation At the heart of innovation is a paradox: you have to unleash the talents and passions of many people, yet you have to harness them into a work that is actually useful. Management professor Linda Hill offers three keys to overcoming this paradox and […]

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Innovation Mischief – Why Skunkworks may be your only hope

I read an article today about Why Corporate Skunkworks Need To Die. The article was published last month in Forbes and it was written by Steve Blanks. While I totally understand the premise of continuous innovation that +steve blank makes, I believe that he has missed the fact that in some cases, you just can’t […]

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