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Dayna Steele- Surviving Alzheimer’s With Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine

With unfiltered observations and sometimes dark humor, author Dayna Steele chronicled her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s on Facebook. This collection of Alzheimer’s updates posted on the social media network includes biting humor and raw emotion as Dayna carries you from the diagnosis to the inevitable end. Also included are sections from a neurologist, Long Term Care insurance specialist, other caregivers, documents expert, elder care attorney, and an assisted living advisor. This is a journey way too many of us are going to experience in one way or another. If you have to experience Alzheimer’s and chances are you will – do it like Dayna with love, wit, and wine. I would normally never read a book about Alzheimer’s or click LIKE on a Facebook post about someone’s declining mother.

Dayna Steele sneaked past my defenses the same way that she dealt with her own misery – with humor – by making me laugh, she managed to break my heart. –Lisa Gray, Houston Chronicle Gray Matters These observations are so gripping and so graphic. –a Facebook comment This book is going to be of tremendous help to so many. –Dr. Roy Goldberg, Geriatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Armed with her radio and retail experience, Steele began her motivational speaking career and wrote her first book, “Rock to the Top: What I Learned About Success From the World’s Greatest Rock Stars”, a rare combination of memoirs and motivational advice that she learned during her long career.

The foreword for the book was written by KISS guitarist and friend, Gene Simmons. In July 2012 she published her second book 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day, a book filled with 101 success tips that can be used daily to achieve goals in business and in life. This led to a series of 101 Ways To Rock Your World Books including:

On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World (2013) Welcome to College: 101 Ways to Rock Your World (2014) In the Classroom: 101 Ways to Rock Your World (2015) Havana: 101 Ways to Rock Your World (2015) LinkedIn: 101 Ways To Rock Your Personal Brand: Grow your network and build your business! (2016)

n 2016, Steele released Surviving Alzheimer’s With Friends, Facebook, and A Really Big Glass of Wine. She chronicled her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s in a series of Facebook posts from the diagnosis to her mother’s death in 2015. Steele also became the Chief Caring Expert and spokesperson for

Steele resides on the water in Seabrook, Texas and has been married to Charles Justiz, a corporate aviation consultant and author, since 1992. She loves traveling, cooking, playing golf and water sports. They have three sons.

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