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Jennifer (Jen) Moss- Unlocking Happiness at Work: How a Data-driven Happiness Strategy Fuels Purpose, Passion and Performance

Unlocking Happiness at Work takes you on a journey into why and how leaders should become compassionate capitalists and ensure that their teams thrive. This book debunks the myth that happiness at work is a waste of time and demonstrates how it can deliver a more productive and engaged workforce, which can have real impact on the bottom line. Based on two decades of scientific research, real-time data, interviews and case studies, this book proves that happiness fuels higher performance, provides a greater sense of purpose and spreads passion throughout organizations.

With insightful practical guidance throughout, Unlocking Happiness at Work is a lively and persuasive exploration of how to be happier and make others happier through the power of habits, emotional intelligence and an innovative approach to work/life flow.

Jennifer Moss is Cofounder @Plasticity, Innovator & Entrepreneur o/t Year, Author/Speaker Unlocking Happiness at Work, Writer @HarvardBiz @Forbes Agents: @NSB & @speakingdotcom.

Unlocking Happiness at Work features powerful real-life case studies, including Jennifer’s own thought-provoking story that lead to her realizing the importance of ‘gratitude’ following a family tragedy.

The book draws upon stories from world-famous organizations, such as Zappos, Virgin, TOMS, and The Body
Shop, backing up anecdotal evidence with real-time data and exclusive access to Plasticity Labs’ own cutting-edge employee happiness research.

Combining the latest thinking in positive psychology and neuroscience, Unlocking Happiness at Work gives readers a true understanding of the science of happiness both at home and at work. it gives practical advice to enable individuals to build solid neural pathways and happiness habits for themselves, and emotional intelligence techniques and management strategies leaders to gain the benefits of compassionate capitalism.

Lively, persuasive and insightful, Unlocking Happiness at Work is an exploration of how to be happier and make others happier through the power of ‘gratitude’, emotional intelligence and an innovative approach to work/life flow. An essential resource for leaders who want to increase sustainability, attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability, Unlocking Happiness at Work provides the tools to achieve these goals in a way that is life-enhancing for everyone involved.

Plasticity Labs, a pioneering technology company that produces software to measure organizational culture and the  social and emotional state of a business. Her ground-breaking work draws upon decades of scientific research, data, statistics and psychological and neurological studies to not only prove that happiness fuels high performance but also provide practical tools that will enable a billion people around the world to harness the sense of purpose and passion that comes with happiness.

Moss is a Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post contributor and delivers talks across the world on the subject of happiness and gratitude at work (recent appearances include SXSW, TEDXWomen and the Chatelaine’s W100). She was a Finalist in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the 11th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business (part of the American Business Awards).

Prior to her focus on emotional intelligence, Moss spent ten years working in Silicon Valley with several tech giants. Her life switched gears after her husband, a pro-athlete, was suddenly paralyzed and diagnosed with West Nile Virus, Swine Flu, and Guillain-barré Syndrome. After six weeks of practicing gratitude, he miraculously recovered and was able to walk out of the hospital unassisted.

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