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The game changer network - THE GAME CHANGER NETWORK

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Wanting to invest in yourself and contribute to something bigger than yourself?

  • 300+ interviews of authors and experts. 
  • We have an executive audience, with a focus on female corporate executives & entrepreneurs. 

Hosted by Chicke Fitzgerald

The HIVE Inclusive - Tonya Whitlock
CARRA Mathieu Nelessen
Dr. Katariina Rosenblatt - Stolen
Mark Silverman - Only 10s 2.0
Susan Schmitt Winchester - Healing at Work
Seth Greene - Push Button Profits
Erik Luhrs - Be Do Sale
Clint Babcock
Kristin Kaufman
Dileep Rao
Erika Andersen
Edwin Dearborn
Kate Isler
Phil Gerbyshak
Charles Crouch
Nora Herting
Theresa Szczurek
Tim Cooley
Mark Silverman - Only 10s 2.0
Susan Schmitt Winchester - Healing at Work
Seth Greene - Push Button Profits
Erik Luhrs - Be Do Sale
Kristin Kaufman
Erika Andersen
Erika Andersen
Jan Yager - How to Self-Publish Your Book: A Complete Guide to Writing, Editing, Marketing & Selling Your Own Book
JOHN LIVESAY THE GAME CHANGER - Better Selling through Storytelling
JUDY ROBINETT - Crack the Funding Code (2 part interview)
BRANDON BORNANCIN - Sales Secrets from the Top 1%
Steve Rigby - SMILE
Michael Sherlock - Tell Me More 2018 Edition
Lars Helgeson - CRM for Dummies
Andy Cunningham
Jan Yager
William (Willy) Donaldson
Dorriah Rogers
Rachael O’Meara
Peter Georgescu
David Nour
Ekaterina Walter
Brad Feld
Stacey Hanke
Mike Moyer
Sarah Miller Caldicott - Innovate Like Edison
Joe Calloway
Barbara Weaver Smith
Cathy Salit
Freya Williams
David Livermore
Bryan Kramer
Dr. John H. Johnson
Barbara Henricks
Liz Wiseman
Braden Kelley
Anonio Nieto-Rodriguiz
Misti Burmeister
Whitney Johnson-DISRUPT YOURSELF: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work
Lisa Larter
Brian Solis
Tania Luna
Greg McKeown
Carol Sanford
Steven Overman
Mark C. Winters
Perry Marshall
Patti Johnson
Jeanne Bliss
Linda Hill
Richard Sheridan
Dr. James Canton
Robert Sher
Peter Shankman
Marcia Reynolds
Holly Green
Theresa L. Corcoran- Rebounding: A Practical Guide
Dr. Jan Yager - Productive Relationships
Rachael O’Meara
Barbara Mistick
Gloria Feldt
Misti Burmeister
Laura Stack
Rachel Hofstetter
Jessica Bacal
David Bradford
Greg McKeown
Emily Guy Birken
Bonnie Marcus
Kathleen Pushor
Wendy Wallbridge
Patti Johnson
Elizabeth Ghaffari
Sheila Ronning
Suzanne Garber
Anna Carroll
Debra Benton
Catherine Carr
Annette Hogan
Pamela Slim
Renie Cavallari - The Development of Leadership Skills Through Career Experience and Mentorship
Ekaterina Walter - The Laws of Brand Storytelling
Kelly Roach - Unstoppable
Mark McKinney and Steve Fedorko - My Client is the Devil (and other myths)
Libby Gill- The Hope Driven Leader
Andy Cunningham
Dorriah Rogers
Jessica Rhodes
Ekaterina Walter
Chris Brogan
Winnie Brignac Hart and Lorrie Brignac Lee
ED DARACK - War Moments (two part interview)
Stephanie Costolo - The Year I Turned 30
Sam Horn
Pedro Ceron- Co-Founder of Travel Massive Tampa Bay
Karen Lynch
Erin McHugh
Mark & Monica Healy
Brad Formsma
Steven Overman
Carrie Morgridge
Bill Strathmann

The Game Changer
By Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO Solutionz Innovations

In this book you’ll learn to use a number of proven, simple, actionable “micro-techniques” from some of the most trusted business leaders on the planet to built trust with your peers, build fanatical customers, and keep your entrepreneurial spirit in any environment. It’s PACKED with advice you can start using right away.

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