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If you have never been to Colorado in the fall, you can’t fully appreciate the beauty of the Aspens.  But the amazing thing is that one aspen tree is actually only a small part of a larger organism.

A  stand or group of aspen trees is considered a singular organism with the main life force underground in the extensive root system. Before a single aspen trunk appears above the surface, the root system may lie dormant for many years until the conditions are just right, including sufficient sunlight.

Hannah Ettema from Tree Profile – Aspen:  So much more than a tree

Well, the conditions are just right for the Game Changer Network.  Like a stand of aspen, we are each a part of a larger organism.  Each one matters and together we create a life force that is unstoppable.

If you are a game changer, we want you as a part of our “stand”.

We are the anti-network network.  We are working on building true community — a place where you can truly matter to others. Your articles matter, your posts matter, your polls matter, your comment on other’s stuff matters.  It isn’t just stuff, it is a piece of you.  We recognize that, celebrate that and embrace you into our community.

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The Game Changer Network is a new kind of community for executives, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and those of you that are in-between successes.

If you are tired of an intimate network of millions and all of the inherent spam, noise and lack of relevance to you as an individual, we have something to share with you.   We have a weekly podcast, a few monthly calls, a growing community, rich article content and best of all you will have a hand in building the community.  We have a robust Ambassador program where you can earn membership by being engaged.  Imagine that!

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