Let Go – # 10 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

In Jack Canfield’s book on success principles, he says that successful people have realized that one of the best ways to
achieve success faster is not to work harder but to “release the brakes”.  
This means letting go of your limiting beliefs, self-image and just letting success happen.
I love this picture of a very fit guy on a bike, going downhill and in order to enjoy the amazing day, he has no option but to release the brake.

As I think about how I have let go of my limiting beliefs and reflect on how this moved my business forward, here is what comes to mind.

My spectacular failure and all of the sub-optimal decisions
made during that venture have transitioned from being limitors to “failure as
I know that I simply need to look
forward, and remember the past, but I must also give up the belief that it will repeat
Back to question #1, I take
full responsibility that it is my actions that produce the result.   
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