“Seeing the 18th hole” – #11 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Recently an interviewer shared with me that Jack Nicklaus, the golfer attributes his success and consistency to the fact that
he would visualise every shot BEFORE playing it. Jack would see the end result –
the ball landing exactly where he wanted it to and then quickly he would see
the swing and shot. Then he would hit the ball as he had visualised it – exactly.  That kind of consistency is priceless and earned him countless championships.

My daughter is working on becoming a golfer, with the goal in mind of getting a golf scholarship at
an NCAA Level 2 or 3 school.  She can picture herself being a golf pro,
or at the very least, playing golf as a business woman someday.  

While she hasn’t mastered Jack’s art of visualizing every shot, she can visualize “walking the course”.  So to
get to the 18th hole of her dream, she watches golf shows and she takes private lessons.  She also
plays on her golf team at school and in the local junior golf league.  And this summer, since she has her drivers license, she’ll drive to the golf range and practice. 

I was recently asked how and in what ways
have/do I use visualisation to achieve my own business goals?

Visualizing my goals is like
breathing for me.  This is second nature
and I strongly suspect is one of my gifts.   
When I
set out in the car to go somewhere, even before GPS came along, I have always seen the route
visually in my mind as if from above, seeing each turn and where the end
destination is in relation to my starting point.  
In business it is the same for me.  Like Nicklaus, I can visualize success before it happens and as a result it never feels beyond my reach.  I like to call it my Business Success GPS.  
It is only when you can’t see it that fear can creep in.  Instead you see only those things that in the natural would be roadblocks.  When I drive, if there is a roadblock, I don’t sit and complain, I immediately “recalculate” and take a different route.  
In business that is also necessary as even when you can visualize a positive outcome, there are still setbacks.  It is how you handle each setback and how quickly you can get back on your way that makes the difference in your business success journey. 

I don’t play golf, but I know that you not only have to visualize your own “18th hole” but also see them handing you the winners cup.

Are you ready?


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