Living the “recipe” for success – #12 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

According to Jack Canfield, one of the greatest
strategies for success is to act “as if” you are already successful. He suggests that you dress,
walk, talk as if you are already where you want to be.
I have the “talking” bit down.  On a personal level, I find that I constantly speak in
the present tense about things that are still “in work”, even the big things.   
I go very quickly from thinking about something to a fully baked idea, trying different approaches, weeding out those that don’t work and then doing those that do.  Then I keep on doing what works.  That is my recipe for success.
To me, that isn’t so different from finding a great recipe and saying “we are having osso buco” at
the dinner party next week or next month.  You know that you still need to buy the ingredients, find other things to serve with it, then you need to make it and invite people over to enjoy
Courtesy of Closet Cooking (click if it looks good….)


So when you say you ARE having osso buco, it is true — even though it is in the future.  
Then, as you are shopping for an amazing red wine to go with the osso buco and remembering the great chocolate lava cake you had at your best friend’s house last month [mentally adding it to the menu], you may even be able to “smell” and “taste” it.  That is the sign of a truly great vision.
When you are still in the vision stage in a new venture,  “acting as if”
it is a done deal is not such a stretch if you just see it as just one of the many steps in living the “recipe” for success.
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