Month: July 2008

Imagine a bigger market…..

Today on Guy Kawasaki’s blog (which is a must read for marketers), he addressed the subject of envisioning a market that is bigger than what you have traditionally embraced. Well, in the travel industry, this is actually not hard. Anyone that has read my white paper on marketing to the non-air traveler knows now that […]

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Dawning of a new day

As I write this, the sun is coming up here in beautiful Tampa. There is something about palm trees that are in a sillhouette at this time of the morning, when everything is quiet that inspires me to blog. Or perhaps it is the strong coffee that I’ve been drinking for the past hour! I […]

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Welcome to Distribution Solutionz

Global Travel Distribution I have spent the bulk of my career in the travel industry, somehow touching the marrying of buyers and sellers of travel. Officially it has been 30 years. Whew. It goes by fast. I joined the industry the first year that the GDSs (then CRS) were installed in travel agencies. I’ve spent […]

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