Month: April 2010

Annette Hogan

Annette Hogan- Marketing, Kennedy Space Center: Leadership & Change

Annette Hogan- Marketing, Kennedy Space Center: Leadership & Change Kennedy Space Center – EGG Interview w/Annette Hogan. This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald is interviewing Annette Hogan. The original live interview was 4/30/10. . Annette was the head of sales and marketing at Kennedy […]

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Travel Game Changer – What does Google’s potential acquisition of ITA mean?

Last week, Bloomberg released a story “Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Said to Be in Talks to Buy Travel Company ITA”.  They report that venture funded ITA may be seeking as much as $1b. Who is ITA Software and why are they appealing to Google? Whether this rumor is indeed true, what would this mean for the GDS & OTA industries? How would […]

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GDS – Private to Public and Back Again – eCommerce Pioneers continue their evolution

Amadeus IT Group SA (Amadeus) is one of the world’s leading IT solutions providers for the travel and tourism industry, offering transaction processing capabilities to travel service providers and travel agencies. On Tuesday of this week Amadeus announced plans to launch their IPO April 29th on the Madrid Stock Exchange.  They will seek to raise […]

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