Month: January 2011

US Domestic Air Travel Rebounded in 2010, ARC projects continued growth in 2011

ARC Says U.S. Domestic Air Travel Rebounded in 2010, Projects Continued Growth in 2011 Midwest and New York State airports are top in ticket volume Arlington, Va. – January 12, 2011 – ARC, which serves as the U.S. financial settlement engine and data repository for the airlines’ travel agency sales channel, today announced that domestic […]

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Individual Relationship Management (IRM™) – putting Mobile and GPS Innovation on steroids

This is a continuation of our series on IRM™ – Individual Relationship Management.  To catch up, see the first two part series, authored by John Fleming of Solutionz.   Part 1 – The flaw in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as the sole approach to Customer Intimacy Part 2 – Individual Relationship Management (IRM) trumps CRM We […]

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Is it time to “make nice” with the offline travel agency distribution channel?

Sharpening conflict online between OTAs and Airlines renews discussion about the value of the offline distribution channels – namely the mega agencies that focus largely on the corporate traveler and the other, nearly 16,000 brick and mortar agencies still in business in this country. As we listen to the media talk about the Expedia and […]

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