Month: April 2011

Travel Industry impact of Google’s acquisition of ITA Software – Market Maker?

In any retail business, when you are able to control or influence consumer behavior, your ability to dominate a particular product or service category increases exponentially.   Take a look at the impact that the frequent flyer programs had on the airlines in the 80’s when they were introduced.  By awarding points and hence influencing […]

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eMarketer reports rebound in travel

Today eMarketer posted their projections for online travel sales.  Growth is projected to peak at 11% in 2012 and then decline to 5.5% per year in 2015.  I would challenge this projection if in fact these numbers include sales made via tablets and mobile devices.  I believe that the new devices are going to dramatically […]

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Expedia to Spin Off TripAdvisor –

Expedia to Spin Off TripAdvisor – TripAdvisor is one of the pioneers of “user generated content”, also known as a review site. The business model is one of advertising and sponsorship and it is totally dependent upon traffic to the site producing clicks to its various advertisers and sponsors, including current parent, Expedia. In […]

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