Month: April 2013

Death by text?

    Guest post from Video and Beyond blog.   How do you communicate most effectively? This week I was with a client in Las Vegas working on their business plan and rather than talking through each point and hoping that everyone was on the same plane, I did what I do best I painted a […]

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Margie Aliprandi

Margie Aliprandi- How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want

Margie Aliprandi- How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Margie Aliprandi. The original live interview was 4/3/13. When Margie began her career in network marketing, she was a junior high school music teacher and struggling single mom.  […]

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GDS and airline executives exposed as being the backup band for the Seekers

Don’t you miss the good old days in the travel industry when everyone liked one another?   When American and United respectively (and respectfully) built Sabre and Apollo (now operating under the Travelport banner) and changed the travel agency industry forever? I think I hear Sam Gilliland and Tom Horton both playing ukelele on this rendition […]

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