Month: January 2016

Laura Stack

Laura Stack-Doing the Right Things Right

Laura Stack-Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time Doing the Right Things Right details precisely how today’s leaders and managers can obtain profitable, productive results by managing the intersection of two critical values: effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness, Stack says, is identifying and achieving the best objectives for your organization-doing the right […]

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Path to your promised land – 22 days or 40 years?

Most of us are familiar with the story of Moses and how he led the Israelites out of Egypt to the Promised Land.    We know that as the Old Testament story goes, that it took them 40 years. They didn’t exactly go on the most direct route. What you may not know is that […]

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Is the Travel Industry on your dropdown list of industries??

I have the pleasure of serving in one of the largest industries in the world.  If you don’t know what the travel industry contributes to our country, you may want to watch this video from my friend Roger Dow of the US Travel Association. State of the Travel Industry 2016 from U.S. Travel on Vimeo. […]

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New Year, New BLOG Name – Changing the Game

With the new year, comes not only the expected resolutions to work out more, eat healthier foods and to spend less time doing things that don’t matter and more time on the things that truly will leave a legacy, but also a shift in focus for my blog. I’ve been very busy this past year […]

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Gail McWilliams Tribute

Gail McWilliams – Stuck or Positioned

Gail McWilliams-Stuck or Positioned; It’s Your Choice Gail recently lost her battle with cancer.  She leaves behind a legacy of hope. This show is a must attend for anyone who has ever felt stuck in life. Gail McWilliams contends when you discover that you are strategically positioned, you will never live life the same. Inspirational stories, […]

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Lisa Larter

Lisa Larter – Pilot to Profit

Lisa Larter- Pilot to Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship to Build Your Business Using Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Sales This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Lisa Larter. The original live interview was 1/15/16. Seatbelts fastened. Business dreams in the upright position. […]

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Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh-Contagious Culture

Anese Cavanaugh-Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Anese Cavanaugh. The original live interview was 1/8/16. CONTAGIOUS CULTURE is much more than a leadership guide. It’s a complete cultural mind-shift […]

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Solutionz is celebrating 20 years

I am proud to share with you that today marks the 20th anniversary of Solutionz.   When I launched the company in 1996, I never would have imagined all of the twists and turns that we would see in the business, the economy and in our world. I want to personally thank you for your friendship […]

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Top Radio Shows of 2015

Please enjoy the top 20 shows of all time from SolutionzLIVE. 1.       Jan Yager- FRIENDSHIFTS: The Power Of Friendships on EGG Live! 2.       Kelly McDonald- Crafting the Customer Experience on EGG Live! 3.       Martha Heller- The CIO Paradox EGG Live! 4.       Brett Blumenthal- A Whole New You on EGG Live! 5.     […]

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