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The Game Changer Network Is A Leading “Invitation Only” Global Executive Network  Building Real Community


Tampa, FL – January 22, 2019 – In the midst of a world where so many are disengaged and apathetic, BIZCATALYST 360° and the Game Changer Network (GCN) have announced a new, private online networking community with quality content, real engagement and new opportunities to form real relationships.

This creative alliance will allow both organizations to strengthen their ability to highlight the very best thought leadership available – sourced from around the globe. Authoritative, actionable content will be jointly syndicated between these state-of-the-art global platforms, providing enhanced worldwide distribution along with enhanced visibility for their respective Contributors.

“The premise behind GCN is that in this noisy online world, content is not enough to build a valuable network.  We need one another and true community comes from being able to engage in real life and to have a safe place to ask for and receive help.” Chicke Fitzgerald, the founder of GCN and the CEO of Solutionz Innovations hosts a podcast and several monthly calls and is the author of The Game Changer, a business fable.  She is also building out private “executive villages” for other groups and for executives that share something in common. There will be local chapters that get together socially to explore opportunities and build relationships within their communities.

BIZCATALYST 360° is leading development of the first of these villages and its members will be instrumental in building out the local networks and leading in the creation of new villages, beginning in the US, but quickly expanding globally due their existing reach.

One of the unique features of GCN is the ability of members to become ambassadors by inviting others, earning gift memberships and other perks and for members to be able to recognize other members for materially helping them.  Fitzgerald shares “By nominating those game changers to GCN, we will be able to provide recognition to their efforts and also will award free lifetime memberships to those that really make a difference.”

Dennis J. Pitocco, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of BIZCATLYST 360° noted, “This unique partnership brings together two collaboration-driven organizations, each with a fundamental ethos founded upon the premise of enhanced performance via delivery of authentic, actionable insight and genuine, community-driven networking. Our collective stable of talented Contributors has the ability to translate real-world experience into actionable advice and guidance for the benefit of our worldwide professional audience. We are proud to be associated with such a prestigious Network and look forward to leveraging the amazing power of two.”

 Bringing life to a well-known proverb, he added: “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’


 About the Game Changer Network

It takes a village to build (or grow) a company.  We are that village. We cater to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as those in transition from those roles.  We also have a program for individuals who aspire to an executive role and a special program for women, known as the Executive Girlfriends Group, formed in 2008 and relaunched in 2019.

Our Game Changer Network includes commercial free access to over 300 interviews of authors and experts. The interviews are on leadership, innovation, growth, entrepreneurialism, life balance, giving back and “Plan B” for your career. Members may also choose to listen live to the interviews and then interact with the authors and experts, asking questions and offering comments.  Think of it as a live book club. If you want to learn more about us before you join, there are several shows on the LISTEN page that will give you a good flavor of our content. We are always interested in helping our members start local or topical Executive Villages. Join us and help be a part of the village.

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