An innovative answer to board resourcing, created by the Game Changer Network

April 10, 2019, Tampa, Florida.  The Game Changer Network, Inc. ­announced today the appointment of Perry Yeatman to lead its new platform designed to give start-up companies faster, more cost-effective, dynamic access to the specific senior talent and Board-level advice they need.

The platform, called The Sounding Board, brings together over 50 experts from a variety of industries, functions, and geographies to provide “as needed” counsel and support to early stage companies looking to scale. The goal is to reduce risk for investors and founders.

“The issue most company founders face is that they need advice and support from those who have been there before, but they often lack the time, money or access to attract that talent on their own. Through The Sounding Board platform, we have already done that work for them by creating a well-vetted, well-rounded, ready-to-go team to step in and help out with whatever opportunity or issue they are facing. Whether a founder needs marketing help to hone their concept or corporate governance advice as their funding comes through, or even an acting CxO, as their growth partner, we aim to provide that support in a way that lets a start-up dip in and out as needed and to access new skills and knowledge as they evolve and grow” said Perry Yeatman.

Solutionz Innovations, LLC, the leader in smart trip technology, will be the proof of concept for The Sounding Board approach, with Yeatman leading an impressive group of more than a dozen hand selected advisors to serve Solutionz’s needs.  From a governance perspective, The Sounding Board will have a single board vote, orchestrated by Yeatman, and informed by a seasoned team with broad skills and experience.

“Chicke Fitzgerald, CEO of the Game Changer Network and founder of Solutionz Innovations, commented “As a founder looking to scale my emerging tech company, I’ve found existing options lacking. Interacting with individual advisors is time consuming.  Incubators and accelerators tend to focus on startups and with Solutionz Innovations we were further along, so those options didn’t fit. The Sounding Board will not only serve our board needs, but it will be the “go to” place for the Solutionz Team when we need consulting or project work, or even if we need an “acting CxO.”

“Perry’s deep and diverse experience across functions, industries, sectors and geographies, combined with her proven ability to operate at both large and small scale, makes her the perfect person to lead this effort as we bring it to market” added Fitzgerald.

Yeatman brings to TSB over two decades of senior leadership experience with Kraft, Unilever and Burson-Marsteller (now BCW), plus she serves as an External Director of Mission Measurement. The appointment is effective immediately. As head of The Sounding Board Yeatman will report to Fitzgerald but she will continue to lead her own coaching and consulting practices as well.

ABOUT THE GAME CHANGER NETWORK https://www.thegamechanger.network

The Game Changer Network is a private, by invitation only executive community.  Fitzgerald hosts a weekly radio show by the same name and is the author of The Game Changer, a business fable.

ABOUT SOLUTIONZ.  https://www.solutionz.com

Solutionz is the leader in integrating smarter trip tools into the platforms that people use every day, where contextual relevance, proximity and time matter to travelers and where every trip leaves a legacy.  TripProximity is a venture of Solutionz.

Solutionz was founded in 1996 by Chicke Fitzgerald, an industry advisory services firm. Chicke builds companies and has invested over $1.2m on her own, plus she has raised $6m in investment capital. Recognized as a game changer. Her investment actions reflect her commitment to innovation and her principles.

In 2005, she formed what is now Solutionz Innovations, an incubator of new ideas.  TripProximity is one of those ideas.