Knowing your Purpose – #2 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Jack Canfield contends that without understanding and defining your “life’s Purpose” your goals and action plans may not ultimately fulfill you.

Back in 2008, I was invited to be a contributing author of a book called Bootstrap Business, with Jack Canfield, Tom Hopkins and John Christensen.

The book was about how the entrepreneurial spirit shapes success.   In it, I told the story of my “spectacular failure” and what I learned about myself in that process.

Failure is a great clarifier.  Everything is literally stripped away and when no one is looking, how you behave is who you really are.  You find out what is really important and if you are lucky enough, you emerge even stronger, determined to move directly toward fulfilling what you were really called here to do.

Your entrepreneurial spirit begins with how you define your purpose and how you organize your activities around that purpose to stay focused on only the activities and actions that are aligned with your purpose.

Some entrepreneurs would say that they work to live, to achieve a certain lifestyle, whether it be the ability to travel or to buy things or have a certain type of house or car.

For me, I work to give, which is why I call myself a philanthropreneur and operate a business incubator.   A philanthropreneur is simply an entrepreneur that is focused on the greater purpose than the business itself.   For me, that is changing the world, one trip at a time.

In my business, Solutionz Innovations, I have developed game changing technology for booking travel to venues and events.  But the real game changer is that we give 10% of our revenues from those bookings to the charity of choice of our clients.

My greatest pleasure is to be able to have the financial flexibility to give back to others.  That isn’t just in writing a check for my local church or giving to someone in need, but it is being able to use my time and my talents to help others grow and to achieve their dreams.  It is also about being able to employ others and contribute to their personal growth, as well as their financial future.

I want to leave a legacy.  Some of those legacies will be seen and directly related back to me.  Many will happen behind the scenes.  I’m totally ok with that.

I recently republished one of my vintage radio shows that focused on the link between giving and profitability.  If you have the time, you just might want to listen to my interview with Sherré DeMao, the author of 50 Marketing Secrets of Growth Companies in Down Economic Times.

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