Wear your Magic Shoes – #5 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Jack Canfield has said that “Belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals is a well-practised principal of all successful entrepreneurs”.

Self-belief doesn’t just happen.

And I would go a little farther than Jack’s statement and say that this isn’t just a trait, it is foundational.

I watch alot of HGTV and one of the things I’ve learned from that show, is that if you walk into a house, it can look great on the surface, but the minute you start looking under floors and behind walls, it becomes very clear, very fast how important the foundation really is.   
In my own life, my parents sowed self-confidence into us from a very early age, so I haven’t had to build it.   Instead I just get to keep building “on it”.

I love the photo of having “I believe” on your hand.  For me it has a double meaning.  I do believe in myself.  But it is because I was born to be a leader and God equipped me with all of the tools that I needed to succeed.

For me, it is like being given a magic pair of shoes. All you need to do is step into them and walk. If you leave them in the closet, they do you no good.

Figure out what your gifts are and walk in them. 

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