Let ’em eat cake – #8 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

According to Jack Canfield, the secret to getting ahead is to get started. 
This one simple thing is a
challenge for most people who see their BIG vision and life goals as
One of the distinguishing characteristics of a fearless entrepreneur is being able to break down large goals
into smaller, more manageable tasks.  Makes sense, right?
So when I was interviewed by Rebecca Happy on this a few days ago, she asked me these questions.
How do you break down your goals to get them done? Do you
use mind-mapping? Are you a list-maker? Do you start with the end in mind and
then work backwards?

If I had to choose, it would be the last option.  That is what I was describing in yesterday’s blog

And we discussed in the interview what starting with the end in mind means. There is something mystical about envisioning a business outcome and speaking it into existence.  
But we think nothing about saying “I’m going to have Rebecca and her family over for dinner the next time they are in Tampa. and I know she loves osso buco and chocolate lava cake.”  
We just spoke that meal into existence and perhaps even caused Rebecca to change her vacation plans and schedule her trip to Tampa to include an overnight so we can share a dinner at our house.
I envision sitting down and
eating that chocolate lava cake with a great bottle of red wine before I even
look for the right recipe and go shopping.  And perhaps even before I know when they are actually coming.  
Business ideas and innovation are exactly the same for me.  You have to picture it before you start looking for the recipe (e.g. putting together the plan).  
I see the
big vision and then start putting together the building blocks to get across
the bridge (again, see yesterday’s blog if you haven’t read it yet).  
Nothing is scary when you’ve already envisioned the perfect outcome.
So, let ’em eat cake!  

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