Follow the clues – #9 of 25 Traits of a Fearless Entrepreneur

Tony Robbins popularized the saying  “Success Leaves
Clues”.    I love this saying and it is so true. 

If you want to be successful, one of the most important things to do is to have the courage to
ASK other (successful) people how they achieved their success.  Then follow their success clues.   

This is a classic fearless entrepreneur’s move.

It is natural to fear
rejection.  Don’t beat yourself about it.  But the best way to ward off rejection is to ensure that you are prepared.  
You can do that by following the clues of success and emulating them.

I was recently asked in an interview who I have asked for help and who has guided my journey to

I am very intentional about asking for help.   

I have a “board of directors” of my life –
personal friends from church that support me through thick and thin – business
friends that can provide perspective on my decisions and then I have a formal
board, with a chairman that I respect greatly.  
He is someone that I know I can count on to work through issues with me
or when I have to make a decision on the spot and can’t talk to him first, he
can dissect my decision and help me understand the implications and how I might
have done it better (or just applaud what I did).    

I run
a women’s networking organization and also have an amazing board of directors
for that organization.  I can call on any
of my advisors at any time and I know that they will take my call, because I
don’t abuse the privilege of having them in my life as that resource.

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