A Primer on Mischief

Yesterday we rebranded our blog and started a new series, Marketing Mischief, beginning with a blog on search engine marketing.  MK and I thought that it would be a good idea to step back and take a look at the definition of mischief.

25 years of starting, investing, building and advising companies in many
different countries, we have both experienced and observed a lot of business
mischief.  From leaders who cannot set
direction or make decisions; to innovations that have no clear purpose or
defined market; financials structures that constrain the growth of the business
and dysfunctional teams that stifle innovation.     
Wow, with that introduction you might think
mischief is only negative.  Ah, but that is not the case.
can be powerful and when guided it creates magical outcomes in business and
company cultures and on your clients, partners and teams.  Mischief includes curiosity, a unique way of
solving a problem, building a market, launching an idea.     
Companies that are disrupting their industries are full of delicious
mischief and enjoy extraordinary growth.  Oh, and they are also capital magnets.   
Over the next several months
we are going to look at the mischief and myths in marketing and business.  We are going to tease out new ways of
thinking, innovating, building your business, your market and your company
We are going to measure the
impact, so you can see the power mischief has both positive and negative in your
us in the dialogue.  Look at your own mischief let’s eliminate the barriers
accelerate the growth of your ideas so your business can flourish.
from your mischief makers,
and Chicke
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