It takes a village to build (or grow) a company.  

We are that village.

The Game Changer Network is a by invitation only, global executive network.

We cater to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as those in transition from those roles.  We also have a program for individuals who aspire to an executive role and a special program for women, known as the Executive Girlfriends Group, formed in 2008.

Our Game Changer Network includes:

  • Commercial Free access to over 300 interviews of authors and experts.   The interviews are on leadership, innovation, growth, entrepreneurialism, life balance, giving back and “Plan B” for your career.
  • You may also choose to listen live to the interviews and then interact with the authors and experts, asking questions and offering comments.  Think of it as a live book club.
  • Participation in our Executive Village program, with small groups for those that wish to participate in our ongoing business growth workshops.

If you want to learn more about us before you join, there are several shows on the LISTEN page that will give you a good flavor of our content.

We are always interested in helping our members start local or topical Executive Villages.   To apply to lead an Executive Village you will first need to do the following:

  1. JOIN the Game Changer Network with an Executive Village Membership.
  2. Activate your membership by updating your profile on our COMMUNITY page.
  3. Send an email to describing why you are the right person to head up an Executive Village for your area or for your proposed niche.
  4. We will set up a call with our CEO, the author of the Game Changer.  If you are approved, we will set up your Executive Village tribe on our Community Platform.
  5. Once you have been approved, you will need to become a GOLD Ambassador by inviting at least 25 of your network to join the Game Changer Network, asking them to join your Tribe
  6. We will promote your new Tribe (if it is open for other members) and showcase you as the new leader.

Join us and help be a part of the village.