It takes a village to build (or grow) a company.  

We are that village.

The Game Changer Network is a by invitation only, global executive network.

We cater to corporate executives, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, as well as those in transition from those roles.  We also have a program for individuals who aspire to an executive role and a special program for women, known as the Executive Girlfriends Group, formed in 2008.

Our Game Changer Network includes:

  • Commercial Free access to over 300 interviews of authors and experts.   The interviews are on leadership, innovation, growth, entrepreneurialism, life balance, giving back and “Plan B” for your career.
  • You may also choose to listen live to the interviews and then interact with the authors and experts, asking questions and offering comments.  Think of it as a live book club.
  • There are a number of “villages” you can select from, including the Executive Girlfriends’ Group, our original private executive women’s network

If you want to learn more about us before you join, there are several shows on the HOME page that will give you a good flavor of our content.  The community is free, but you do need to apply and answer a few questions about yourself.  Being a member opens up all of our audio and article content, as well as our topical discussions and content.

Our Ambassador Program is one of our unique features

We also have a by invitation only group called the Sounding Board, which is for early stage companies nominated to the group and the advisors that are chosen to serve them.

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