The Game Changer Network Community is an executive network, originally founded by Chicke Fitzgerald in 2008.  She is a game changer, a serial entrepreneur, philanthropreneur, author, speaker and strategist. She is an expert in social media and hosts several radio shows on the Game Changer Network, which are syndicated over iTunes, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and iheartradio.

She founded Solutionz, as a global consulting firm, in 1996. That firm is now known as The Game Changer Network, Inc.   She also has a game changing technology firm, Solutionz Innovations, that launched TravelingToGive in 2018.

This network began as the Executive Girlfriends Group in 2008 and then in 2009 Chicke launched her radio show for Executives, SolutionzLive! on BlogTalkRadio. Since those launches, she has done more than 400 interviews with authors and experts.



In addition to being a radio show (aka podcast) host, Chicke is a serial entrepreneur and a strategist and a newly minted author.

What she has realized in her entrepreneurial journey is that it can be a long journey and there are times that it is a lonely one.  And she is not the only one facing the struggles of being a founder or a co-founder or someone with an idea that they know needs to become a product or a company.

While she is very busy building her latest venture, there is always time for supporting her fellow entrepreneurs, as well as those that may still be intrapreneurs, who haven’t yet had the courage to step out of corporate life and fully use the gifts that you have been given.

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