And we now pause for a commercial message….. Do you need help?

My blog enjoys amazing readership across the globe.   I thank my readers in the States, as well as those of you in France, Russia, China, Turkey, Germany, India and the Ukraine for not only reading my blog, but for sharing it with others, spawning unbelievable growth.

I have been careful not to use the blog as a commercial platform, but this morning it occurred to me that some of you may be struggling within your companies with growth, innovation, culture, leadership, profitability, complex project management or simply having the resources to execute your existing strategy.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share the fact that I can help with any of those challenges.

My day job for the past 18 years has been as a strategic consultant.  My firm focuses on leveraging planning, process, execution and people.

We can handle any size project, from a one hour phone consultation to a one day deep dive assessment or even a multi-month engagement. Our firm built from concept to viable company, a $1.8m project.   To see what else we have done, click HERE.

Whatever you can dream, we can help you build. We have a global team that can mobilize very quickly to help you reach your goals.

We specialize in multi-channel distribution (marrying buyers and sellers) and customer centric growth strategies.   We have a unique 3-day integrated planning process that takes you from talking about your strategy to having a measurable and executable plan.

I personally focus on getting companies to the next level, merger & acquisition and on game changing innovation.

If you need help, please contact me directly and let’s schedule a complementary phone call to discuss your opportunity and jointly develop your solution.

It would delight me to be able to tell the story of your organization’s success right here on the Solutionz Think Tank.

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