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Barbara Cave Henricks- Mastering The New Media Landscape

Barbara Cave Henricks- MASTERING THE NEW MEDIA LANDSCAPE: Embrace the Micromedia Mindset

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Barbara Cave Henricks. The original live interview was 4/1/16.

The giant brands that once dominated the media landscape—Oprah, the New York Times, NPR, CNN—have seen their monopoly on public attention smashed by the Internet and now find themselves competing with individuals and brands in a sea of micromedia: websites, social media, blogs, podcasts, and more.

Ace publicists and marketers Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton show that to navigate through this modern terrain, you need to think more like a media executive than a marketer.

The key lies in mastering three crucial categories of media—earned, owned, and rented—and knowing how to integrate each for maximum success. By using this proven strategy, you can create a positive feedback loop that will generate massive momentum and grow a large, loyal audience for your message.

Barbara Henricks has always been in love with books. Growing up in Hammond, Indiana, she was introduced to books and words by her father, a heroic man who “read to me all the time,” she fondly recalls. “It was our ritual to go to the library every Sunday after church to check out our weekly reading.” She couldn’t know it at the time, but that exercise deeply imprinted her love for books that continues even today. Over the past two decades, she has enjoyed a successful career promoting books, and the writers who pen them. Along the way, she has had the privilege of meeting Presidents and Kings, corporate moguls and many of the world’s best minds.

After graduating from Indiana University with a Theater/Radio and TV degree, Barbara went to work at WJOB, a talk radio station in Hammond. During her tenure there, she learned and experienced practically every aspect of the station, from reporting on the street to noon anchor, to eventually hosting her own morning talk show. After leaving Hammond, she joined a radio station in Columbia, South Carolina as a State Reporter. She would eventually land at NBC Radio Network in Washington, D.C., where she produced and edited the news.

That role would lead her to a life-changing decision, one that would forever alter her career path. And, by the way, a decision her dad would be very proud of.

As producer, she was required to pore over all of the PR pitches for books that were submitted to the network. That experience made her wonder to herself if there might be a way that she could somehow make a living working with books. Acting on that hunch, and realizing she was growing weary of the news business, she applied for and became a publicist at Workman Publishing, a smaller publisher in New York City known for their innovative packaging, design and promotion.

After a successful run as VP and PR Director at Goldberg McDuffie, she would launch her own PR firm, Cave Henricks Communications. While the name and address of the organization has changed, the successes continue, with over two dozen bestsellers since the company’s launch in 2006.

Barbara is President & CEO of Cave Henricks Comunications. Rusty is Founder and CEO of Shelton Interactive.

The websites are  about/barbara-cave-henricks  and

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Barbara Cave Henricks

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