Barbara Weaver Smith

Barbara Weaver Smith – Whale Hunting with Global Accounts

Barbara Weaver Smith, Ph.D. -Whale Hunting with Global Accounts: Four Critical Sales Strategies to Win Global Customers

This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Barbara Weaver Smith. The original live interview was 7/1/16.

Nothing grows your bottom line faster than new business with your global sales accounts, yet companies like yours are leaving billions on the table.

Your customers are going global — are you?

In Whale Hunting with Global Accounts, Barbara Weaver Smith takes business owners and executives, national and global sales leaders, and large account sales reps on a deep dive into the four critical sales strategies that will make you winners in competition for global accounts.

Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith is founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters® and co-author of Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company, based on the collaborative culture of the Inuit people who engaged their entire village to hunt whales.

There’s a tidal wave of offshore expansion, and if you’re not ready to grow globally with your customers, even your domestic business is at risk.

The voices of fourteen global sales experts — current practitioners and sales leaders — contribute seamlessly to the narrative for a powerfully multinational perspective. Weaver Smith will teach you how to become a smarter, more insightful, global account team who will win unlimited long-term business.

Barbara Weaver Smith teaches small and midsize companies to make more money through bigger sales to bigger customers. She supports her clients’ success with a steady stream of new content for face-to-face and online engagements.

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