Be a Guest

  • You are an author of a business book on leadership, growth, innovation, entrepreneurialism or giving.
  • You are a game changing CEO of a purpose driven company.
Send an email to: and include
  • the title of the book
  • the link to the book page on Amazon
  • the link to the author’s LinkedIn page
If you are accepted, you will need to send a copy of the book to:
The Game Changer Network
13153 Greengage Lane
Tampa, FL 33612
We serve an executive audience, from the corporate C-Suite, the investment community and entrepreneurial founders and CEOs.
GCN Shows are distributed on C-Suite Radio Network, plus iTunes, iheartradio, Spotify, tune and Google Play.
If you are accepted to the show, there is no charge for the guest appearance.  This includes:
  • Distribution on C-Suite Radio and a wide range of podcast networks
  • Membership on the Game Changer Community
  • Promotion of the show on the Community
If you would like additional promotional support for the launch of a book or a new company, we have several options.

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