Be Annie, the Modern Day Dumbo – #18 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

Most people give up just as they are about to achieve
success.  If they could only see beyond that last roadblock.
As an entrepreneur, to be truly fearless, you have to be able to see the away around, over or even under what is standing in your way.  

In a recent interview, I was asked how I handled it when I felt like giving up.  My answer?

“Giving up to me is as foreign as breathing in carbon
dioxide and exhaling oxygen.”  

My all time hero is
Dumbo.  He didn’t know he couldn’t
fly.  He just did it.  

I don’t have the education to do much of what I am doing, but instead of being told why I couldn’t succeed without an MBA, my highly educated parents told me that I could be anything I wanted to be and do anything that I dreamed.    

I have a video on my website right
now about a girl named Annie.  I
sub-titled it, if my Company had a name, it would be Annie.  You need to watch this video.

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