Begin and end with gratitude – #19 of 25 Traits of the Fearless Entrepreneur

Most successful entrepreneurs carry out 5 daily
activities/tasks to keep moving towards success.
I was recently asked in an interview by Rebecca Happy, what 5 Daily tasks form part of my success plan and how do
I stay focused in order to get them done (even those I don’t want to do).

I would be lying if I would say that I was anywhere near as
disciplined on a daily basis as that.  
But as I think about it, my routine is this. And yes, there are 5 key things that I do each day, really without thinking.  
  1. I get up,
    grateful for my life and praying for peace and clarity of vision for the
  2. I take care of my family first,
    getting kids up and to school, as a part of sowing into their lives for their
  3. I take care of the urgent
    business issues, including anything for my consulting clients that needs attention.
  4. Then I work on those things that will get me closer to
    my goals, focusing on revenue generating activities first, product improvement
    second and administration third, clearing the clutter for the really important things to shine through.
  5. I end my day with my family, grateful for our “magic shoes“, our health and the miraculous provision that we enjoy in everything around us
I must admit that I do procrastinate, in a serious way, on the things that I don’t want to do.  And sometimes those things are not truly important and eventually they get cleared away in the “clutter”.  But if they are important, the smart thing is to hire someone that loves to do those things.  We both end up much happier!
While you could argue that focusing on the first part of #4 is the most important element of the day, I would suggest that you can only be truly fearless when you find your strength in being grateful for all that you have that contributes to your success.
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