Being Strategic: Plan for Success; Out-think Your Competitors; Stay Ahead of Change – an interview with Erika Andersen on EGG Live

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends
Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald and Erika Andersen discuss how
to make your strategy F.I.T. The original live interview was

Erika Andersen is the founding partner of Proteus, a coaching,
consulting, and training firm that focuses on leader readiness. Over the
past 30 years, Erika has developed a reputation for creating approaches
to learning and business-building that are tailored to her clients’
challenges, goals, and culture. She and her colleagues at Proteus focus
uniquely on helping leaders at all levels get ready and stay ready to
meet whatever the future might bring.


How many times have you sat in a meeting and heard someone use the word “strategic?”
in: “We’re not being very strategic about X.” or “We need a strategic
plan for project Y.”  And, if your organization is like most, everyone
in the meeting nods wisely, the meeting drones on, people endlessly
debate how to approach the situation at hand, with – generally – no one
the wiser as to what “strategic” really means. 

Next time,
respond: “Being strategic means consistently making those core
directional choices that will best move us toward our hoped-for future.
Is this what we’re doing?”

Everybody talks about strategy, but
there is a big gap between discussing strategy, defining strategy and
actually being strategic — so you can accomplish something.
book helps you approach business—and life—strategically, explaining what
strategy is, why it’s important, and how to do it. Being Strategic
offers you a step-by-step model and skills for strategic thought and
action that are broadly applicable and thoroughly practical.

around the story of 13th-century Welsh nobles building an actual
castle, and weaving in dozens of real-life examples from her practice,
which has helped restaurateur Danny Meyer and many others, noted
consultant Erika Andersen offers a complete course in turning around a
business, or a life.

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