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Guest post from Video and Beyond blog.  

In their recent article entitled”Which Content Marketing Tactics Get the Best ROI?“, eMarketer outlined the top content elements.  Not surprising to us, video came in second, to featured articles. 

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The article begins “In an environment in which consumers’ attention is increasingly
fragmented, the idea of using content to capture interest and engagement
is catching on amongst marketers.”    Since short attention span was the focus of our blog yesterday, this really resonated with me, so I had to write about eMarketer’s results.

Their opening salvo begs the question, how did we capture interest and engagement before? 

As I look at their list, I think it is clear that most of these elements have been in use in some form of media for decades.

convinced that there is very little that is new under the sun.  We just
get smarter about how to use what we already have.  And of course, we
continually have new delivery mechanisms and that is the shiny new
object aspect.  Clearly using video on a TV or even a PC is less sexy
today than its use on an iPad or a smart phone.

The article points out that content tells a story and in that regard, there is truly nothing better than video.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then by eMarketer’s standards, then video tells its story 14.1% better! 

Better ROI comes from higher engagement.  Video engages.  Video sells.

What are you waiting for?

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