Brick and Mortar Agencies sales of domestic air tickets are higher than OTAs and Megas

According to the Airline Reporting Corporation, 36% of all domestic airline ticket sales ($3.1b) is done by the “other travel agent” category.  This is down 1% from the beginning of the year.
With 13,709 agencies left in the US, this means that the bulk of sales are produced by just under 13,700 of them.

The Online Travel Agency (OTA) category comes in next, producing 33% of all domestic airline tickets ($2.9b) sold by the agency community.   This is down from 35% in 1Q2012.  This is a powerful category, since it includes just four agencies — Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity and Orbitz (and its sub-brands).

Mega Agencies come in last at 31% of total, selling $2.7b in domestic air tickets.  Mega has seen the greatest growth since the first of the year, jumping 3 basis points from 28%.   The Mega category includes American Express, CWT, BCD, HRG, Maritz, Omega, CWT/SATO and SATO.

Tomorrow we will look at the corresponding split in sales for domestic air tickets issued by these three constituents.
Stay tuned.

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