Introducing Game Changing Communities

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Add COMMUNITY to your Marketing Strategy

Are you the kind of person that reads about a new community and drives over to walk through the welcome center and the model homes?  Are you fine with being a part of building a new community and perhaps even joining or even leading the home owners’ association so you can influence the culture in the community?

If the answer is yes, then we want to talk to you about helping us build out the Game Changer Community and THE LOVE ARMY.

Eliminate the Chaos

Imagine having a way to communicate with your community, where everything happens in one place.   Post articles and podcasts, write blogs, conduct polls and schedule events.  Allow your community to form relationships with one another, with online and group chats and private messaging.

No more spreading yourself across multiple social platforms, with some info on your website, some on your blog, more on Facebook or LinkedIn and then of course there is email.  One place to link everyone in your tribe together.

Reinforce your Expertise and Thought Leadership

Topic Moderator

Once you invite 25 people to the Game Changer Network you will become eligible to moderate your own topic.   If the topic that you are passionate about and an expert in is not listed on our community, as long as it is a good fit, we’ll add it.  That also make you eligible to submit events to us, that would be shared with the entire Hub.


If it is more niche in nature, we may slot you into one of our neighborhoods or you may even elect to host your own topical neighborhood.  In addition to inviting your tribe (250+), there will be a small fee for architecting it with you (your own topics, your own events, your own members).Plus, everyone in your tribe also has the benefit of having access to all of the content on the Game Changer Network and can join any of the public villages or ask to join the private ones.

Reinforce your Brand with your own Tribe

If you have a tribe of 500, you are eligible to have your own branded VIP Village.   Grow your tribe, your brand and be able to have your own topics, members, events and online training programs.

Your website or blog, plus your own community is like having 1+1 equal 11.  If you are tired of the lack of engagement on your posts and speaking from a podium (monologue) versus sitting around a round table (dialogue), let’s talk.

You can have your own village as a part of the Game Changer Network and link to it directly from your website, blog or social media pages.  Get people talking.

Want to build your own Network?  We can help.

Lastly, if you want your own network, and you want to control your own “community of communities”, set up time to discuss your needs.  We have communities with just topics and events and also we have the ability to add in courses.  You can charge for your network and your groups within the network or it can be free.

We guarantee that we will move all of your content and members in less than 48 hours.

Options – Do It Yourself, Done with You, Done for You

Do it yourself


  • Become eligible to moderate one of our Topics as a Topic Sherpa
  • Invite 25 people to the Game Changer Network

Done for You

Neighborhood Plan – $399

  • $399 one time when you invite 100 people to the Game Changer Network
  • We create the framework and you populate the content
  • Your own topics
  • Your own events
  • Public, private or secret group

Done for You

Have your own Neighborhood  $999 

  • $999 one time and no ongoing fees when you invite 500 people to the Game Changer Network
  • We duplicate the content from your website with delivery within 24 hours
  • Your own customized topics
  • Your own events
  • Public, private or secret group

Village + Course Catalog $5000 one time, plus $81/mo

  • Optionally add courses for $81/mo, plus $5000 if you want us to set up your courses for you
  • Setup within 48 hours of your courses

NOTE:  You don’t need a course catalog if you just occasionally host a webinar.  You can use events for that and post the video for your course in the past event.

Your Own Network Community


Network Plan – $7,500 one time

  • $7,500 one time plus $23/mo for setup within 48 hours guaranteed
  • You then have your own “community of communities”
  • We duplicate the content from your website, blog and Facebook
  • Your own customized topics
  • Your own events
  • Your own groups
  • Public, private or secret group
  • If you also do courses, it is $81/mo plus an additional $5,000 for setup