"Community is spontaneous and self-organizing. It creates a round table discussion and isn't organized around a podium."

Chicke Fitzgerald
Founder of the Game Changer Network

By invitation-only
Like minded innovators
Leaving a legacy

Add COMMUNITY to your Marketing Strategy and eliminate the chaos

Your website or blog, plus your own community
is like having 1+1 equal 11.

If you are tired of the lack of engagement on your posts and speaking from a podium (monologue) versus sitting around a round table (dialogue), let’s talk. You can have your own neighborhood or tribe with training as a part of the Game Changer Network and link to it directly from your website, blog or social media pages.  Get people talking.

Imagine having a way to communicate with your community, where everything happens in one place.   Post articles and podcasts, write blogs, conduct polls and schedule events. Allow your community to form relationships with one another, with online and group chats and private messaging.

No more spreading yourself across multiple social platforms, with some info on your website, some on your blog, more on Facebook or LinkedIn and then of course there is email.

One place to link everyone in your tribe together.

Join the Game Changer Hub, a Community of Communities

It is your choice - Done with You, Done for You


Moderation Services

Whether we build your community with you or for you, if you want for our team to moderate your community for you, the fee is $50/month.  That includes:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Encouraging them to update their profiles
  • Posting videos for your members to show them how to navigate the community
  • Answering questions about the platform

We also have content moderation for an additional $400/month, with regular posting of content from your other social media channels.

Private community (academy) features

If you would like to have the benefits of a neighborhood, but you also have training programs that you would like to list by category, this is called an Academy.  The fee for an academy is $100 per month, which includes moderation.  There is a small fee for moving your training content (depending on the quantity of training material that you have).

Want to build your own Network? We can help.

If you've looked at being a part of the Game Changer Community and decided that you prefer to have your own platform where you control 100% of the content, we bring our 10 years of experience with the MN platform to the table. We can help you set up your own "community of communities" and we can also provide moderation services for you.
If you are still on Facebook, or your content is fragmented across multiple platforms, we highly encourage you to consider moving onto a private, non-censored platform, such as Mighty Networks. The first step is to set up time to discuss your needs. We guarantee that we will move all of your content and members in less than 48 hours for a one time fee of $5,000 and basic moderation at $100/month.

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