Are you ready to Amp up your Engagement?

This three-day course provides you with a path to climb the Engagement Ladder and also opens doors for taking the tactical training to get you there.

What will I learn?

Here is the Agenda for the program.

How much does it cost and what is in it for me?

The cost is $299 and it includes:

  • 3 day course – a total of 3 hours of content to help you climb the Engagement Ladder and be more effective online and offline
  • Membership in the Game Changer Community
  • Discount on Chris Colt’s 5:55 Make LinkedIn Work for you program, including membership in the Let’s Make an Impact Community
  • 30 minute consultation with Chicke Fitzgerald, the author of the Game Changer and the CEO of Solutionz Innovations

What is next?

After we receive payment, you’ll get invited to both the Game Changer Network and to the Game Changer Academy on the Let’s Make An Impact Community.   There, you will get access to the materials to do the course at your own pace.  When you are done, you can contact Chicke on the Game Changer Community via chat and set up your call with her.

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