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Clint Babcock – Negotiating from the Inside Out

I am Clint Babcock and I am a Game Changer Negotiation is a skill and I am here to share how you can master it.   Clint is a master of negotiation and after reading this book, you will be too. Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald Interview by Chicke Fitzgerald of the Game Changer [...] Read More

TODD HENRY – Herding Tigers

I am Todd Henry and I am a Game Changer You thought herding cats was tough.  Leading creatives can be like herding tigers, only it is way more rewarding.   Todd interjects humor and incredible wisdom on leadership of creative teams that will produce practical results right away. Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald Be [...] Read More

TINA GREENBAUM – Mastery Under Pressure

I am Tina Greenbaum and I am a Game Changer You can change your game by learning to pause and think and not just react.  Mastery can be yours through understanding the concept of mindfulness.       Tina is masterful at helping us understand the things that we do that stand in the way [...] Read More

JILL GRIFFIN – Follow these Leaders

I am Jill Griffin and I am a Game Changer Through personal coaching, keynotes, and workshops, I train individuals, leaders, and teams to tap into their passions and make change happen.   Jill Griffin got the smartest people in the room and asked them to share their wisdom with us.  That is what you will [...] Read More


I am Jeffrey Hayzlett and I am a Game Changer "Jeffrey shares his lifelong learning about leadership in his new book.  He teaches us the components of the hero factor, and provides tools for his readers to measure where they are on the hero scale."   Learn about how to Think Big and Act Bigger.  [...] Read More

Heather Younger – The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty

Heather Younger – The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty: Fascinating Truths About What It Takes to Create Truly Loyal and Engaged Employees Gallup reports that only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Why so low? Many leaders struggle to effectively engage and inspire their teams. Often, we are so distracted with the day-to-day […]

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Kelly Roach – Unstoppable

Kelly Roach – Unstoppable: 9 Principles For Unlimited Success In Business & Life   UNSTOPPABLE takes the most valuable lessons and top commonalities on how to succeed and lays out the 9 principles for unlimited success… in both business, and in life. Proven by author Kelly Roach’s award-winning career in corporate and as an entrepreneur, UNSTOPPABLE is set to inspire […]

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Mark McKinney and Steve Fedorko – My Client is the Devil (and other myths)

Mark McKinney PhD and Steve Fedorko PhD – My Client is the Devil (and other myths)   The lifeblood of any services business is its clients. Those who deal with clients day-to-day—the Account Leads—must keep the clients coming back for more. But clients can sometimes be difficult to please. In My Client is the Devil […]

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Carter Cast – The Right—and Wrong—Stuff

The Right—and Wrong—Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made and Unmade “Warning: Your career might be in danger of going off the rails. You probably have blind spots that are leaving you closer to the edge than you realize. Fortunately, Carter Cast has the solution. In this smart, engaging book he shows you how to avoid […]

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