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Landi Jac

Landi Jac- The Prosperity Code For Independent Consultants

Landi Jac- The Prosperity Code For Independent Consultants: The Ultimate Power Plan For Those Who Sell Their Advice And Want To Access Greatness, Wealth And Freedom … With the most extraordinary life story, extensive experience in consulting and travel to more countries than most; Landi Jac has acquired the business wisdom and life experience that […]

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Dr. Stan Beecham

Dr. Stan Beecham-Elite Minds

Dr. Stan Beecham- Elite Minds: How Winners Think Differently to Create a Competitive Edge and Maximize Success This on demand audio is a part of the Game Changer Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dr. Stan Beecham. The original live interview was 12/9/16. ELITE MINDS THINK ALIKE. Discover the winning secrets of the world’s most successful people. […]

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Barbara Mistick

Barbara Mistick- Stretch

Barbara Mistick- Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace You know you can do more with your career. And the future is going to demand more of you. The problem is you are so busy keeping up with the day-to-day that you can’t prepare for tomorrow. Stretch: How to Future Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s […]

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Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway- Keep It Simple: Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life

Joe Calloway- Keep It Simple: Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life “I’m making this way more complicated than it needs to be.” Do you ever have that thought? We all do. We live in a world that becomes more complex everyday, and cluttered processes and complications are the enemies of control in your life […]

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Michele Howe

Michele Howe- Caring for Our Aging Parents

Michele Howe- Caring for Our Aging Parents: Lessons in Love, Loss and Letting Go This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Michele Howe. The original live interview was 10/21/16. In “Caring for Our Aging Parents,” Michele Howe provides practical and necessary guidance to help readers […]

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Jonathan Raymond

Jonathan Raymond- GOOD AUTHORITY

Jonathan Raymond- GOOD AUTHORITY: How to Become the Leader Your Team is Waiting For Imagine a world where personal and professional growth are one thing, where improving your relationships and owning your strengths at work translate directly into the rest of your life. In this provocative and timely new book, Jonathan brings together what he […]

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Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan- Find Your Writing Voice

Chris Brogan- Find Your Writing Voice: How to write more like your amazing self, for books, blog posts, and email Writing isn’t simply about the mechanics. Learn how to distill your unique writing voice for any of your projects, from sending an email to blogging to writing your own book. Come get practical and step-by-step […]

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Tamara Monosoff

Tamara Monosoff- The Author-to-Income Formula

Tamara Monosoff- The Author-to-Income Formula: How to Turn Your Book into a Money-Making Empire This is Book One in a two-book series. It is a content-rich, short-read that shows authors, experts and entrepreneurs how to build a high-profit business as an author. It includes proven step-by-step strategies on how an author can stand out from […]

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Think like a customer

Most of us are way too young to remember that there was a day when the person who received a letter paid for the postage.  Or that the person receiving a cell phone call paid for the minutes, as well as the person placing the call. Until today, when I saw my daughter’s boarding pass […]

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Joelle K. Jay

Joelle K. Jay-The New Advantage

Joelle K. Jay-The New Advantage: How Women in Leadership Can Create Win-Wins for Their Companies and Themselves When Women Leaders Succeed, Corporate America Succeeds According to a recent study released by the Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young), women in leadership positions are linked to stronger company profits. […]

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