Catherine Carr

Catherine Carr-Living “Without Borders” for Médecins Sans Frontières’(MSF)

Catherine Carr-Living “Without Borders” for Médecins Sans Frontières’(MSF)

Catherine Carr compares being stuck in her work and life like constantly washing dishes. Dull, unchallenging and stagnant. That is, until she decided she was through being stuck and ready to dream big. Catherine’s metaphoric dishwashing days were over.

She went on the Doctors Without Borders website and, to her great surprise, found a job that fit her skills. It hadn’t even occurred to Catherine that there would be “normal jobs” like finance, operations and human resources within Doctors Without Borders. But just a few weeks later, she was hired as an HR finance coordinator and was off to Kenya to support the organization’s mission of international medical and humanitarian aid.

Amid the Parisian upheavals of May 1968, a group of young doctors decided to go and help victims of wars and major disasters. This new brand of humanitarianism would reinvent the concept of emergency aid.

“It’s simple really: go where the patients are. It seems obvious, but at the time it was a revolutionary concept because borders got in the way. It’s no coincidence that we called it ‘Médecins Sans Frontières’.” MSF is known internationally in English as Doctors Without Borders. Bernard Kouchnermsk– Founder.

Silence has long been confused with neutrality, and has been presented as a necessary condition for humanitarian action. From its beginning, MSF was created in opposition to this assumption.

“We are not sure that words can always save lives, but we know that silence can certainly kill.”

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Catherine Carr

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