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So you hate the thought of dumping a bucket of ice water over your head and over the past few weeks of the ALS craze, you have been secretly happy that no one nominated you.  

And truth be known, you really don’t have a fat checkbook to write that check to charity – at least not right now.  

But you do want to give back.  Or perhaps you are that charity that wishes that you had the ice bucket idea. 

Here is a challenge that I think everyone will love.  We call it…


For whoever contacts me in the month of August that wants to challenge their network to travel for a cause (changing the world one trip at a time), I will
give a free site to your organization and donate
50% of the revenues earned from travel booked on the site for the next year to your
charity of choice.

Who wants to be first?

each trip that you or anyone in your network takes, all you have to do is shoot a short a video that
talks about (or shows) where you went and the favorite things that you did.  Send it to us at and we will post the videos.

Each quarter we will report back on what has been accomplished through
your travels – kids saved from human slavery, wells built, children fed.
You name the cause.


Here is a site that I set up to support the Red Cross.   Picture your logo instead of theirs.  You can send your own custom link out to anyone on your network and you can book travel anytime, for any reason, from anywhere to anywhere.

All of Solutionz Technologies projects can be used as a “fund raising while you sleep” model.   

Call us at 1-813-925-0789 for more information about how to launch a Travel Partner Program.

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