Clint Babcock – Negotiating from the Inside Out

I am Clint Babcock and I am a Game Changer

Negotiation is a skill and I am here to share how you can master it.


Clint is a master of negotiation and after reading this book, you will be too.

Game Changer Network host, Chicke Fitzgerald

Interview by Chicke Fitzgerald of the Game Changer Network, showcased on C-Suite Network

The best strategic negotiators take advantage of self-esteem or self-image issues they uncover in their negotiating partners. These professionals have mastered more than the tactics. They have mastered the inner game of negotiating. You can too. Negotiating from the Inside Out helps you overcome internal obstacles and master the skill of negotiating, using proven principles from Sandler. The book shows you how to deliver a positive outcome even when you are facing stressful negotiation situations…by anticipating your counterpart’s likely moves, strengthening your position, and planning your own moves as early as possible. It also identifies the twelve classic gambits top negotiators are likely to throw your way – and shows you how to respond.

Chicke Fitzgerald is an e . I zig where others zag, creating value, growth and bringing to life crazy good ideas that will leave a legacy #͏z͏i͏g͏w͏i͏t͏h͏c͏h͏i͏c͏k͏e

The Game Changer is featured on C-Suite Network.

Enjoy the interview with Todd

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About Chicke Fitzgerald and the Game Changer

Chicke Fitzgerald is the CEO and founder of Solutionz Innovations, LLC and The Game Changer Network, Inc.   The Game Changer Network provides authors with a platform to tell their story about how they are changing the game in their world.  The show just celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Chicke has interviewed over 300 authors, celebrities and experts.

She is also the author of the Game Changer, a business fable about transformational business design.

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