Compete’s June stats show that Airline Direct is on the rise

The June visitor stats are out on  While the growth in airline direct is not meteoric, it is in fact on the rise.  If only airline stocks and market caps would follow!

LEAD in Unique Visitors:   Southwest
LEAD in Market Cap:  Southwest
LEAD in Annual Revenues:  Delta

Southwest is far and away in the lead on the use of their site.  It has nearly 14 million unique visitors to each month, up 12.91% over last month and up nearly 12% year over year.  Its stock is trading at $10.03, with a market cap of $7.47b on revenues of $12.58b. 

Delta comes in next at 8.2 million unique visitors, up 12.74% month over month and 6.38% year over year.  Delta is trading at $7.66 per share and its market cap is $6.46b on revenues of $32.65b. 

The combined volume of Continental and United, which have announced their merger is 7.5 million uniques, edging out American for 3rd place.  The combined entity has a market cap of $6.09b, on revenues of $27.19b.

American has been the most vocal of late about direct distribution to the consumer and is in 4th place amongst the top airlines, with just 6.7 million unique visitors.  They are up just 2.73 over May and are up 17.03 year over year.  Their market cap is $1.35b on revenues of $22.64b.

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Chicke Fitzgerald

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