Daily Mischief – My mailbox had consumed me…

AUTHORS NOTE:  After I wrote this email, I looked at this past week’s stats and saw that a post that I wrote on email in 2009 was the #1 post last week.    I obviously didn’t learn my lesson.  If you are struggling with your email, go back and read that one.  There was some very good, timeless info there.

By any measure, 20,000 emails is a lot of email. 

Each time that I tried to weed it out, I barely made any progress before 200-300 more would pour in.

The problem?  Unscrupulous marketers that say that they don’t sell your list, but in fact they do.  And UNSUBSCRIBING just takes too long and often doesn’t stop the flow of mail.

And trying to go through them to figure out what to save?  At one minute per email, that could have eaten up as much as 333 hours.  And for what?  Complete and total mischief.

Today I took back control and it feels good.  I moved off all 20,000 emails out of my inbox into a mail archive folder.  If I need to find a specific one, when I search for a name or a company or an idea, it will be there.   

From today forward, my email box ends up empty.

No more mail mischief.

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