Do numbers lie? I’m thinking they do.

Case in point.  Yesterday I was in Dallas, TX where it was 111 degrees when I came out of my meeting.  My car had been parked in the sun all day.  I was wearing light pants, a sleeveless top and a long sleeve light jacket with the sleeves pushed up.  I had a bottle of water in my hand.  When I got in the car, sure it was warm, but truth be known, I didn’t even take off my jacket.  And I was well down the road before I cracked open the water.

At 1050pm I got back to Tampa, where it was 84 degrees.  I sat for 5 minutes outside the baggage claim area waiting for my husband.  I was sweating and hoping that my husband grabbed a bottle of water before he left home.

So did the numbers lie?  No, it had truly been 111 in Dallas – well publicized by everyone from the local weatherman to the National News and the Weather Channel.  In Tampa, it was just a normal, steamy summer evening. 

What changed and why am I telling this story?  I traveled from a sauna (dry) to a steam room (humid).  If I look at just one factor in the equation (temperature), I come to one conclusion.  If I add in the other (humidity), I come to quite another.

You’ve heard my diatribes about looking at just cost, without understanding revenue impact when you force channel shift without understanding the outcome. 

Put on your sunglasses.  And make sure you look out of both lenses. 

By the way, I am on vacation Monday through Thursday and promised my husband and kids that I was all theirs.  So read some of the old posts, starting with the one about the two different lenses on profitability.  Click the image to get started.

I will return on Friday the 12th.

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