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I had a very interesting call this morning with a woman who is a part of an organization that is spearheading entrepreneurial education at the high school level.

She used the phrase that the group is “electrified down to their socks” about teaching entrepreneurship as early in life as possible. I realized as she was talking that I too am electrified, perhaps even down to my toes about not only being an entrepreneur, but passing on my knowledge about what makes entrepreneurs different from people in corporate life. We are, after all, all business people. Right?

Well, partially right.

For those of you who know my daughter Kiera (aged 10), you know that she is a natural entrepreneur. She is always writing or working on some new idea. Like mother, like daughter.

In fact, as I sit in the lobby of the Omni Hotel in Orlando, I’m reminded of the day before our Disney Cruise last spring when Kiera and I were in this very hotel, side by side, working on something or other so important that we had to bring our laptops on vacation!

On several occasions I have taught entrepreneurial business in Kiera’s grade school – to 4th graders and to 5th graders. And the cool thing is – they get it! They are SO practical and insightful. We could use a bit of that in adult businesses, entrepreneurial or not!

To get back to my call this morning, it occurred to me that not only do we need to teach entrepreneurialism to kids, but it might be good to come up with some entrepreneurial tips for our corporate bretheren, so as I wrap up my DOING MORE WITH LESS Series, I think I’ll start a new series on Entrepreneurial Tips for Success.

I’m about to hop on a radio interview, so for now, I’ll leave you with some insight on being an entrepreneur from one of the greatest, Sir Richard Branson.

CLICK HERE to see his interview on entrepreneurialism on American Express OPEN’s site.

See you tomorrow,

Chicke Fitzgerald

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