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Eldonna Lewis Fernandez- Think Like A Negotiator

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez- Think Like A Negotiator: 50 Ways to Create Win Win Results by Understanding the Pitfalls to Avoid

This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Eldonna Lewis Fernandez. The original live interview was 10/17/14.

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Eldonna is a retired Air Force veteran with 23 years of honorable military service.  She is a negotiation and contracts expert with over 30 years of leadership, contracts management and negotiation experience.  She has negotiated contracts from $1 to over $100 million both stateside and internationally.  She was deployed to the Middle East after 911 and has years of experience in foreign acquisition.

Eldonna is the CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc a training and consulting firm. She is an international award winning speaker and an award winning author.

Eldonna is a subject matter expert in the Contracting Career Field and has developed and taught courses on Contract Claims, Negotiation and other aspects of Contracting.  She was selected for an assignment to the White House Military Office in 2002.  She has 7 years of extensive experience working for defense contractors in the Aerospace Industry.  She holds a Top Secret security clearance and  has been a trusted agent of the U.S. Government for 30 years.

She specializes in  training people how to think like a negotiator by creating win win results and understanding the pitfalls to avoid.  She is an international award winning speaker and an award winning author.

Her website is http://thinklikeanegotiator.com/

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Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

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