Entrepreneurial Tip #5 – Test the technology first before going live

This morning I had the pleasure of being featured, along with my buddy Chris Dane, on Fox Business’ Money for Breakfast.

Due to Chris’ proximity to New York, he was in the studio. I on the other hand elect to be in Florida, which is replete with palm trees and 330 days of sunshine per year. Although it is only going to get up to the high 60s today in Tampa and we have yet to see the sun, it is 26 degrees in New York today, so I think I made the right decision!

Bottom line and the point of this story is that I was the “remote feed” from the local Fox affiliate.

Now Fox isn’t exactly an entrepreneur but the tip I share today is one that they could have learned from this morning.

I arrived at the studio at 7am as instructed. I proceeded to the area they had set up for the remote interview (which was to be sometime between 730am and 8am), got “miked” up and got that earpiece put in my ear. Now that made me feel like a government agent for a few moments (with the curly transparent cord) which was cool. But then I found out that Fox in New York couldn’t see the image. Ah well.

The technicians with the local Fox affiliate kept saying the requisite “not my problem” and New York didn’t care whose problem it was as long as they could at least get me on the phone for the interview.

So at the end of all the wrangling, I did the interview by phone. It was fun, albeit very short.

My lesson for the day? I should have gotten up at 5am instead of 530am and gotten there at 630am. That would have given the local affiliate more time to work it through so they could be a shining star in the Fox network!

Chicke Fitzgerald

PS I just checked and they haven’t posted the video yet. Hopefully by the end of the day, it will be posted to their video archive site. I’ll let you know!

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