Are you reaching the forgotten mass market

Are You Reaching The Forgotten Mass Market?


A guide on marketing to the Non-Air Traveler by Chicke Fitzgerald

The high price of airline fuel and news of the airlines cutting their schedules this fall are dominating travel news today. Nearly every newsletter, magazine and even major newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times, have recently featured articles about these subjects. In fact, airline travelers are the focus of most travel marketing. You would think that air travelers make up the majority of all travel in the US. And you would be wrong. For every trip taken in the US by air, there are ten trips taken by car.

This paper addresses:

  • The size of the road travel market
  • How to market differently to the road traveler
  • How to bridge the inadequacies of today’s air focused technologies
  • How to tap into this mass market and stem potential losses to your business due to the projected downturn in air travel in the US

It is the author’s contention that the next disruptive application, will be systems that marry trip planning, content, consumer feedback, booking, mapping and routing together.

This paper is a must for every industry executive responsible for travel marketing and distribution, and also provides much needed insight to those that have previously depended on the air traveler for the bulk of revenues.

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