Freeing Modern Slaves with Selah Freedom- an interview with Elizabeth Melendez Fisher on Uncommon Giving

The Rock the World Network is a community of uncommon givers. The Uncommon Giving show features the leaders of charities, foundations and corporations rocking our world. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Elizabeth Melendez
Fisher. The original live interview was on 12/7/2012.

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Elizabeth Melendez
Fisher is the founding President/CEO of Selah Freedom, a nonprofit organization
based in Sarasota focusing on ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation
on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Join us for this provocative discussion about a problem that many don’t like to discuss – human trafficking.   

Florida is one of the top 3 states in the US for sex trafficking.  The
shocking facts regarding sex trafficking in the US include:

  • From 100,000 to 300,000 children are taken into sex slavery each year in the US.
  • A girl or boy can be sold (used) from about 15 to 40 times PER NIGHT
  • The average age for girls to be trafficked is 12 to 14, but victims can also be much young
 Since 2011 Fisher has built Selah
Freedom into a strong organization, raising close to half a
million dollars in the organization’s first fiscal year, in order to raise
awareness for the growing national issue of human trafficking and providing
victims with comprehensive restorative care. Under Fisher’s direction,
Selah Freedom offers a 12-month Residential Recovery Program which includes
mentoring services, support and recovery groups, counseling, life-skills
training, GED support and job placement. Fisher’s team works with Bradenton and
Sarasota law enforcement, prisons, outreach groups and government officials to
identify victims, raise awareness for human trafficking and sexual exploitation
and enact change.
Elizabeth Fisher will share Selah Freedom’s story and tell us how they
are tackling not only the issue of freeing modern slaves, but how to
reintegrate them back into society so that they can live productive,
healthy lives.
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