From Corporate America To Entrepreneurial Success- an interview with Chicke Fitzgerald on Biz Women Rock!

The Biz Women Rock! Podcast is like nothing you’ve ever experienced!  Hosted by Katie Krimitsos,
the show is comprised of intimate interviews with phenomenal business
women from all around the world who open up about their business

  • How did they start their companies?
  • How did they get through the tough times?  
  • What lessons have they learned along the way?  
  • What’s the REAL story behind their successes?  

Our guests pull back the curtains and share their no-frills experiences that are saturated with business lessons for us all!
These are ridiculously intelligent, amazingly genuine and determined
business women who have come to the business game ready to play ball…and
win!  They truly ROCK!

Biz Women Rock! is all about inspiring and educating YOU while you’re on you’re business journey,
whether you are about to launch your company, in the trenches of
building your business or building your career as a professional.  We
know that by listening to others’ stories of failure, hard work,
determination and mind-blowing successes, you’ll connect with the exact wisdom you need to support you on your own business journey!

Chicke Fitzgerald started her business career as a high level executive
in some of the biggest companies in the travel industry like Sabre
(owned by American Airlines) and Worldspan (owned by Delta, Northwest
and TWA). Before sites like or existed, she
was creating and implementing effective campaigns for multi-channel
distribution of services (i.e. putting those of us who wanted to buy a
flight together with the airline companies).

She leveraged her
experience in corporate to launch her very successful consulting
company Solutionz.  Her clients have included big names like
AAA, American Express and Her most recent venture is a
branch of her consulting company, focused on launching travel technology
solutions.  Whew! Sounds like a lot? Chicke is very diverse as a
business woman and constantly evolving! In this inspiring interview, she
takes us behind the scenes of her experience and shares some really
great business wisdom!

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