From Self-Made to Secret Millionaire- an interview with Steve Kaplan on Uncommon Giving

The Rock the World Network is a community of uncommon givers. The Uncommon Giving show features the leaders of charities, foundations and corporations rocking our world. The original live interview was on 8/24/12.

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In Steve’s world,
there is no distinction between achieving success in business and in
life. He uses the same success principals that led to his success in the
business world to succeed in all areas of his life. Whether it’s
becoming a multimillionaire before age thirty, building one of his
businesses from start-up to over 350 million with over 1,500 employees,
raising a family, gorilla trekking in the Congo, writing bestselling
books, co-producing a Broadway play or pursuing other passions and
lifelong goals, his exact same principles are put into action.

In his mid-twenties, Steve
hit his first big success with a marketing company called SCA. He didn’t
have any business mentors or financial backing, so Steve learned on the
fly. Possessing street smarts, a ton of passion, a solid work ethic,
and of course some luck, Steve lived the trials of the small business

Steve quickly realized that if he were going to make it
big, he would need to get a lot of business from Procter & Gamble,
the biggest marketing spender in the industry, so he set his sites on
P&G. Steve landed his first P&G client, a $10,000 order from
Scope Mouthwash. Fast forward 5 years, and Steve was working with over
50 P&G brands and billing them over $25 million per year.

 Due to this success approach, he has been able to achieve every goal
he’s chased, no matter how big or how difficult. Whether it’s becoming a
multimillionaire before age 30, building one of his many successful
businesses from start up to over $350 million or becoming a bestselling

Steve’s passion turned to helping others achieve the
same level of success in life and business as he did. To that end, in
2004, he started Steve Kaplan Inc. where he uses his experiences to
assist others.

Today, Steve is the authority on success and achievement whose
no-nonsense, hands-on, innovative approach to success has helped empower
and teach tens of thousands across the globe. Steve regularly appears on a variety of media (including MSNBC, NBC, CBS and Fox Television)
to discuss his experiences and help others achieve success. Steve’s
books, products, consulting sessions and keynotes are full of proven
tactics, tools, and techniques to help foster success in life and
business. Steve toured the nation’s universities on his Bag The Elephant™ Unplugged University Tour
where he spoke with students, faculty and administration on success,
and how students can better prepare for success in the next phase of
their life.

You can get a glimpse of Steve’s philanthropic efforts on
ABC’s “Secret Millionaire” show by clicking HERE

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