Gabrielle V. Taylor

Gabrielle V. Taylor- Legacy of Wisdom

Gabrielle V. Taylor- Legacy of Wisdom

Join the author on a journey into the development of wisdom, and the path of that legacy through generations, as seen through the lens of a profound relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. Practical scientific research and multi-generational family stories come together to offer a complex look at what the word “wisdom” truly represents, how individuals develop it, and how we pass it on.

The world’s greatest thinkers and the world’s greatest grandmas are on the same page when it comes to the impact of applied wisdom in our lives. Those two worlds now come together in Legacy of Wisdom.

Gabrielle V. Taylor leads a strategic management consultancy based in Littleton, Colorado.

This on demand audio is a part of the The Game Changer Network Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Gabrielle V. Taylor. The original live interview was 1/13/17.

“There is simply nothing to compare to the wisdom we can gain from our grandparents — and in a world that is tilted who knows where, we have never been in more need of it. The spirit of this work will bequeath not only the keen insight of Grandma Valentine, but will also turn your own heart to the best of those who have come before you. In between the lines of this wonderful book you will hear the voice of your own ancestors whispering their wisdom to you.”

– Greg McKeown, author of the New York Times bestseller Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”

A gripping, intellectual, and yet very personal journey of a granddaughter reflecting to understand and share her grandmother’s many-faceted experiences and touching life lessons.”

– Alan Stern, planetary scientist, leader of NASA space missions

Gabrielle holds an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago and a BA in economics from the School of Liberal Arts at University of Illinois. She currently resides with her husband and two daughters in Columbine Valley, Colorado.

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